Elgin 685 24 hour Navigation Hack

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Elgin 685 navigation hack 24 hour . Movement is a caliber 685 with 18 jewels,adjusted,  hacking with center sweep, just serviced and running perfect!. Dial is original  with white painted numerals and hands . This is a rare variation in 24 hour configuration. Elgin 685 had the Double Sweep Second Wheel, on the 685, as well as the 630, 716, and 724, though on those the wheel(s) are under a bridge. Indirectly driven sweep second hands will jump ahead, stall, jump ahead, stall, etc unless some means is provided to keep the pinion perfectly meshed with the wheel driving it. The double sweep second wheel has one wheel fixed to the hub, and the other wheel loose. The loose wheel connects to the hub via a spring. When installing the sweep second pinion, you first install the double wheel, then turn the loose wheel 4 or 5 teeth against the spring tension, then install the pinion while holding it. When you release, the leaves of the pinion are held against the teeth of the fixed wheel and cannot jump ahead. This one comes with original issue band with Elgin marked buckle......absolutely mint condition!